Designer - Sculptor - Painter - Furniture Maker

Welcome to the virtual gallery of Stuart Cook’s idiosyncratic world of art, text and design.

Stuart, the former owner and founder of the highly respected Sun Cow Gallery in Newtown, has never stopped creating. Now that the kids have flown the coop, he’s gone public again and is making his works of art and design available to you.

Stuart’s eye for detail and reinvention permeates the fine craftmanship of his furniture pieces. Whether he is using recycled timber or harnessing the imperfections found in used furniture, Stuart’s pieces are both functional and artistic. Each piece is utterly unique and beautifully made.

He is an award winning, exhibiting painter and sculptor who finds beauty and whimsy in the everyday.

Stuart welcomes commissions, collaborations and reconfigurations. He has worked with architects, designers, wordsmiths and great punters over many varied projects. 

Contact Stuart to make an enquiry or an appointment at his showroom in Marrickville.


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